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Trademark Registration in Indonesia at Low Cost 2023

The cost of trademark registration in Indonesia is the same for individuals or companies.
The cost for registering a trademark in Indonesia per class per logo for Foreigners is USD USD200 per class per logo. The cost includes the fee you have to pay to Indonesian authorities.
Trademark Registration in Indonesia

Free trademark checking. The trademark registration process in Indonesia takes three days after the document is signed.

After the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia / Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual Indonesia (DJKI) approves trademark in Indonesia, the DJKI will release the trademark certificate 12 to 18 months after the registration.

You don’t need to pay any fee for the trademark certificate. The DJKI will release the document in a PDF format, and we will send it to you through email after we receive the trademark certificate from the government.

Patendo is Ready to Help with Your Trademark Registration in Indonesia

The requirements for registering a trademark in Indonesia, feel free to email us at cs@patendo.com. First, you must meet the requirements and prepare several documents, whether you are a foreigner or an Indonesian citizen.

1. The name of your trademark.

2. Type of goods.

3. Names and addresses of the registrant’s.

4. Your trademark’s logo in pdf or jpg.

5. Passports.

6. Paid the registration fee and sent the payment receipt through email.

We will inform the total cost of registering a trademark in Indonesia along with the account number after you send the documents from numbers 1 to 6.

Trademark registration in Indonesia is valid for all brands and companies, whether you are locals or foreigners who develop your business in Indonesia.

This aspect refers to the constitution about trademark and geographical indication, Trademark Law Number 20 of 2016. Thus, the possible way to successfully register trademark in Indonesia is by using a professional service of experienced intellectual property consulting.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Indonesia

There are several benefits for foreign companies registering trademark in Indonesia. It is caused by the law that requires any trademark to register its name in Indonesia, not just in its origin country.

Foreign companies have to reflect on the case of trademark in Indonesia, namely the IKEA. Back then, in 2015, IKEA lost in the Supreme Court.

Rattan crafter from Surabaya, under PT Ratania Khatulistiwa, won the battle because the company used the name IKEA before the Swedish retail came to Indonesia. The local company has been using IKEA as its product identity.

PT Ratania Khatulistiwa, on the other hand, has registered IKEA trademark in Indonesia in December 2013. IKEA itself stands for Intan Khatulistiwa Esa Abadi. This case has become a crucial example of foreign brands IKEA registering their trademark in Indonesia.

Thus, check out the explanation of why you must register trademark in Indonesia as soon as possible and the benefits of it.

1. Legality Guarantee and the Right Owner

By registering trademark in Indonesia, you have the legal force and know where the law stands when you develop the business in Indonesia. It indeed is following the law and regulations about the trademark in Indonesia.

Having trademark registered in Indonesia also makes all the administrative processes to set up a business easier. Other than that, if the trademark is registered in Indonesia, the government can decide who the rightful owner is in case legal action takes place in the future.

Thus, registering trademark helps to avoid any one-sided claim from local brands about the right ownership of the related brand name.

2. Protecting the Brand from Any Legal Action Against Local Brands

Registering trademark in Indonesia will protect your company from any legal action in the future, just like what happened with IKEA. There are two crucial things when handling the trademark claim in Indonesia.

First of all, Indonesia follows the first-of-file method. The court will decide a legal action case of any international trademark based on data of who filed it on Direktorat Jenderal Kekayaan Intelektual Indonesia first.

Second, the judge will use the first point to rule on any trademark lawsuit in Indonesia.

3. Following the Regulations

By registering trademark in Indonesia, your business has followed the law and regulations in Indonesia. It is stated in the UU Nomor 20 Tahun 2016 tentang Merek dan Indikasi Geografis (MGI).

4. Building a Positive Business Image for Indonesian Consumers

Another benefit of registering trademark in Indonesia is improving your business image in front of the Indonesian market. The trademark and brand in Indonesia tend to develop faster than those local names that don’t have unique traits.

Thus, registering trademark in Indonesia will build a positive business image about your brand, especially if you plan to grasp the Indonesian market. Why Should You Use an Intellectual Right Consultant to Register Trademark in Indonesia?

Generally, the trademark registration process in Indonesia is not as easy and straightforward as you think. It might be as complicated as how the process goes in other countries.

However, if your company relies on the service offered by an experienced intellectual right consultant, you don’t have to face those difficulties on your own.

Intellectual right consultants are individuals or companies who offer services to register trademark in Indonesia, both for locals and foreign companies. The service handles everything from collecting the documents until the authority grants your application.

several beneficial reasons if your company uses an intellectual right consultant

Some of the Benefits of Using an Intellectual Property Consultant

Here are several beneficial reasons if your company uses an intellectual right consultant as your representation to register trademark in Indonesia.

1. Being Your Attorney

You cannot handle the trademark registration in Indonesia alone if you are a foreigner. You need representation from a legal and registered consultant who is an Indonesian citizen.

On the other hand, choosing an experienced intellectual rights consultant will make the entire registration process as smooth as you can imagine.

2. Lowering the Chance of Rejections from the Authority

There is always a chance that the authority will reject your request to register trademark in Indonesia. However, you can lower this possibility by hiring an experienced consultant to handle the trademark registration process in Indonesia.

The bureaucracy in Indonesia is generally a bit complicated, but you can handle it by using the service from a legit consultant.

3. Doing the Research for You

Regardless of what you do, research is crucial. Having a consultant allows you to skip the entire research thing. We will check similar names that have already been registered. Doing this step helps you to minimize the possibility of getting rejected by the authority.

4. Save Time

Hiring an intellectual right will save you time. You don’t have to handle the process on your own. All the individuals behind the consultant are highly skilled and experienced. You just have to sit back and relax because the team will do it for you.

Trademark Registration in Indonesia Made Easier with Patendo

Our consultant has successfully registered many trademark names in Indonesia, especially the ones from overseas. After receiving the official approval, DJKI will file your registered trademark to the official database of Indonesia’s WIPO trademark.

Please do not hesitate to register trademark in Indonesia. We have successfully registered numerous international trademark names.

Trademark Registration in Indonesia is Crucial

Feel free to email our team about taking care of the registration. We are happy to help you so that the authority approves trademark registration in Indonesia.

Our intellectual right consultant also provides free consultation sessions by request – feel free to send us an email at cs@patendo.com

We offer free trademark checking before you register your trademark in Indonesia. More than anything, trademark registration in Indonesia is crucial.

It affects how your business runs in this country in the long run. All in all, registering trademark in Indonesia is way more effortless with us.

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