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How to Register Trademark in Indonesia

How to register trademark in Indonesia? You need advice from an IPR consultant so that the registration process is smoother. Trademarks are a crucial part of the business.

Other than legalizing, registering your trademark also helps to protect your business from plagiarism and other outrageous actions.

How to Register Trademark in Indonesia for Foreign Brands

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How to Register Trademark in Indonesia for Foreign Brands

Here are several things you can do.

1. Choosing a Credible IPR Consultant

The first step you should be doing is choosing a credible IPR consultant. According to the Trademark Law in Indonesia, all foreign brands have to follow the registration process through the country’s IPR consultants.

2. Ensuring the Trademark is By the Rule

After choosing the consultant, you need to make sure that your trademarks have followed the regulations. Consulting with IPR consultants is also part of ensuring whether or not the foreign brand is per the regulations in Indonesia.

3. Following the Law

Once the IPR consultant is in hand and the foreign brand is by the rule then you need to follow the entire procedure.

Following the procedure is also a crucial step in how to register a trademark in Indonesia according to the law – especially for foreign brands.

If you will register foreign brands in Indonesia, you have to go through these three steps:

Formal Inspections

The authority will take the formal inspection process, which takes about 30 days. The brand owner has to follow the procedure to make the inspection run smoothly and quickly. If you have chosen the IPR consultant, they will inform you of the things and responsibilities that you have to fulfill.

Substantive Review

After all the authority completes the inspections, they will run the substantive review. This part will tell whether or not the authority grants the trademark right for a foreign brand. The process takes up to 90 days to finish.

The Announcement

Once the review is finished, the authority will make an official announcement about the conclusion. If the authority refuses to grant the right, you can apply an objection.

On the other hand, if you are granted the rights then you need to wait up to 12 months to get the certificate. The trademark right, however, is valid for 10 years and you can always renew it.

Does Foreign Trademark Registration in Indonesia Require Intellectual Property Rights Consultants?

As explained earlier, brand registrations require an IPR consultant, especially for foreign brands.
But why do you need a consultant, after all? An IPR consultant understands thoroughly how to register trademark in Indonesia.

As you may know, the requirements to register a trademark are quite long and many. Therefore, many businessmen let the IPR consultant take care of the registration process. Other than that, filing for a trademark right takes time.

Thus, using the service of a credible consultant will save everyone time. A few issues may also appear during the registration process. The presence of IPR consultants, on the other hand, helps to tackle those issues.

Long story short, IPR consultants hold a prominent role when it comes to registering a trademark, especially for foreign brands. If you are short in experience and have very little time to take care of the registration process, using a reliable IPR consultant is a smart decision.

A Guide to Choose the Right IPR Consultant

Now you get the idea of how to register trademark in Indonesia. It requires the applicants to provide requirements and follow a series of procedures. Of that, business owners need to find the right consultant. Here is a guide you can follow to find the right IPR consultant.

● Registered IPR Consultant

The first thing that you have to do is to find a registered IPR consultant. It is crucial to always use a registered consultant. Other than reliability and credibility, registered ones understand how to register trademark in Indonesia better than anyone else – especially for foreign brands.

● Professional and Obey the Ethical Codes

Similar to other professions, IPR consultants have to follow ethical codes. They should not talk badly about other consultants or do something that could ruin the credibility of IPR consultants.

As an experienced individual who understands how to register trademark in Indonesia, the IPR consultant will pass the message to clients if the authority denies the application. To take care of that issue, the consultant will help clients to find the best solution.

● Check the Portfolio

So, how do you measure the experience of an IPR consultant? Check the portfolio – the presence of a portfolio surely helps prospective clients to look at a consultant’s track record.

Generally, more portfolio means a better experience. Thus, you can use this consideration to choose a specific IPR consultant as your representation.

Well, that’s a few pieces of information you need to know about the process and how to register a foreign brand in Indonesia with the help of IPR consultants.

But what if you are an exclusive distributor of a foreign company – do you still need to register a trademark in Indonesia? Yes, you do.

Even though the brand already has an owner in another country, it doesn’t mean someone registered it in Indonesia. Thus, you have to register that brand in Indonesia to get the law protection when you use it in Indonesia.

Here are Several Points about the Benefits of Registering a Trademark in Indonesia

source: freepik

Here are Several Points about the Benefits of Registering a Trademark in Indonesia

1. Own the Trademark Right

Registering a trademark in Indonesia gives you intellectual property rights toward your brand. This is crucial because you have the right to use the brand so that others won’t take advantage of your brand in Indonesia.

2. Protected by the Law

Once the authority grants your trademark application, you automatically get the brand’s right. It also means that you deserve protection from the law. Thus, if others use a brand registered as yours, you can take legal action.

How to Register Trademark in Indonesia Easily by Contacting Patendo

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about how to register trademark in Indonesia and why you should let a professional IPR consultant take care of the process.

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