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How to register trademark in Indonesia? Our trademark office will help you. Your trademark needs protection in Indonesia. Steps to register a trademark in Indonesia, please email us at cs@patendo.com :

1. The trademark name you want to register,

2. What kind of product/service for that trademark,

3. Name of applicant,

4. WhatsApp number.

We will reply immediately during business hours in Indonesia. The first step of registration is trademark checking, where you have to pay $10 per trademark per class. The checking process takes two business days. You can check the class of your goods or services here.

If the result shows your trademark is non-registered by other people, your trademark is eligible for registration. The registration fee per trademark and class is $ 360. However, you only need to pay $350 because you have already paid the deposit fee on the trademark checking steps for $10. Please remember, that the deposit and registration fee are non-refundable.

The trademark registration process in Indonesia only requires 3 days after you signed the document we emailed to you and sent it back to us. We will email you the proof of trademark registration.

The documents required to register a trademark in Indonesia are the trademark logo and the applicant’s passport, which is applicable for individual and company applicants.
If the trademark has been approved by the Ditjen HKI (Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia), the process of issuing a trademark certificate takes about 1.5 years from the date the trademark is registered.

We will email you a trademark certificate in the form of a PDF file after we have received a trademark certificate from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia. Apart from the trademark registration, we also provide renewal service for registered trademarks in Indonesia.

Steps to Register Trademark in Indonesia

It is necessary for applicants to check the requirements and prepare the necessary documents for the registration before applying for the registration. These are the necessary requirements for the trademark registration process:

• Complete the registration fee payment process

• The passport of the applicant for an individual trademark registration or the passport of the company director for a company trademark registration

• The logo of the trademark to register

• Complete the online registration form via email

• Sign the application for trademark registration and the power of attorney letter

Following the fulfillment of the requirements for the registration, the applicant will receive a document indicating the application for trademark registration Indonesia. The application for the registration requires 15 working days at most before the official announcement becomes available for a 2 months period.

Good Things of Registering a Trademark in Indonesia

Many of you will most likely know global trademarks such as KFC, Lawson, and even Adidas. Fundamentally, a trademark protection works territorially. Therefore, foreign trademarks as mentioned before need to be registered in Indonesia to prevent potential issues from happening in the future.

For example, Chanel is a famous international trademark from France and you are the only official distributor of Chanel products in Indonesia. How to register the trademark in Indonesia? What about the licensing system then?

About the Trademark Rights

It is mentioned previously that trademark protection works territorially. Since Chanel is a trademark from France, the trademark protection for that trademark only applies in France.

Therefore, as an official distributor of Chanel in Indonesia, you need to register the trademark in Indonesia as a foreign trademark to get the trademark protection for Chanel in Indonesia.

International Trademark registration Indonesia

The matter of international or foreign trademark registration Indonesia is under the official guideline in Chapter 52 Part (4) of trademark law. For any country which is a part of the Madrid Protocol, any founder can register trademark in one of the 191 countries under the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Only with the official approval for the trademark registration Indonesia, a foreign trademark can form a licensing agreement with the official distributor in the country. The licensing agreement is necessary to indicate the rights of the distributor to use the trademark in Indonesia accordingly.

The Importance of Registering Foreign Trademark in Indonesia

It was mentioned in brief previously that the international trademark registration Indonesia is necessary to provide legal trademark protection. The foreign trademark registration Indonesia comes with two types of legal protection as follows:

1. Preventive Protection

As indicated by the name of this type of protection, it aims to prevent any form of violation related to the trademark from happening. With an approved registration process, any international trademark that operates in Indonesia will have clear legal measures.

The preventive protection will last for 10 years after the official approval given by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia. The registration process is similar to the trademark registration by completing a registration form in Indonesian language with the availability of consultant service for this purpose.

This type of protection will protect the founder and owner of the trademark in many ways. With the registration approved and you have the official license of the trademark in Indonesia, The Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia will not approve any registration of similar trademarks in the future.

The trademark protection for any registered trademark in Indonesia is a strict decision that will protect you and your trademark from possible issues in the future.

2. Repressive Protection

Any registered trademark in Indonesia will get this type of protection from possible disputes in the future. The government of Indonesia provides this repressive protection under the guideline of the trademark law. Nevertheless, it is also possible to file a case through Commercial Court as the sole holder of any right of the trademark.

Following any case involving the trademark itself, if there are other parties proven to be violating the rights of a registered trademark in Indonesia, you can file a lawsuit that covers:

• Compensation

• Criminal charges

• Stoppage of any activity involving the registered trademark

You can also register an international trademark in Indonesia even without an official legal entity for the trademark itself. In that case, it is necessary to incorporate the service of a registered Intellectual Property Consultant in Indonesia. The IP consultant will then handle the necessary steps and processes for the trademark registration Indonesia.

Trademark Registration Process in Indonesia

The process of registering a foreign trademark in Indonesia involves several steps. Incorporating a consultant service will make it easier for foreign trademark registration Indonesia. It also makes the process quicker and you can remain concentrating at managing your business. These are the flow of process of the foreign trademark registration Indonesia.

1. Trademark Availability Check

Checking the availability of the trademark in Indonesia is a necessary initial step before the registration. It aims to find out if the trademark is already registered previously. If the trademark comes up empty after the check, it is possible to continue with the registration process.

A consultant will provide crucial insights regarding the trademark to register before continuing with the registration. You will then be able to prepare all of the necessary things for the trademark registration Indonesia afterwards.

2. Formality and Substantive Check

Formality check will be conducted by the officials after the necessary documents and application form reach the database of Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia,. It takes 2 months at most for the check to complete. Ditjen HKI / Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia, will inform the applicant of any additional documents and requirements to complete whenever necessary.

Substantive checks will take place afterwards with all of the requirements fulfilled. Fundamentally, it requires a month for this check to complete. Nevertheless, it happens that at some occasions it takes up to 9 months to complete.

3. Announcement of the Application and Objections Filling

Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia will publish an official announcement followed by a chance to file objections. The announcement will be available to respond in a period of 3 months. Any objection from anyone concerning the announcement can be filed and directed to the authorities in this matter. As the applicant, you can also defend against any filed objection officially and legally.

4. Review

The authorities will have the rights to review the registration process concerning an international trademark following filed objections about it. This step requires 2 months at most after the official letter of objections was filed. This process is unnecessary when the process of registering a trademark in Indonesia went smoothly without any objection from anyone.

In short, how long does it take to complete the entire steps and process of registering a foreign trademark in Indonesia? It takes at most 18 months before the applicant receives the official certificate following the registration process as long as there are no issues at all. Following the official approval, Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia will file the registered trademark into the official WIPO Trademark Database Indonesia.

Benefits of Having an Intellectual Property Consultant Service when Registering Trademark in Indonesia

Any foreign trademark can only run a business in Indonesia commercially after completing the necessary trademark registration process in Indonesia. In that case, what are the benefits of incorporating the service of an intellectual property consultant along the registration process?

1. A Thorough Accompaniment

It comes in handy for a founder and owner of a foreign trademark without a legal entity form in Indonesia. The consultant will provide a thorough accompaniment throughout the processes. The consultant will also handle numerous matters necessary for the registration.

2. Professional Advices

Without a doubt, a registered intellectual property consultant knows about this particular field in depth. Therefore, the consultant will provide all of the necessary advice following any issue along the registration process in Indonesia.

3. Complicacy Avoidance

With the professional service of a registered consultant, there will be no chance for you to encounter complicacies and difficulties throughout the process of registering your foreign trademark in Indonesia. It is even possible to trust everything to the consultant from the beginning. Fundamentally, you will only need to prepare all of the necessary documents and files for the registration. The rest of the things will be the responsibility of the consultant.

4. Multi-Talented Individual

Lastly, a registered intellectual property consultant in Indonesia will have mastery in its field of job. With the history and experience in serving many companies and trademarks with varying backgrounds, the consultant is also a multi-talented individual.

Therefore, it will not be surprising for a consultant to provide its service even after the registration is complete without any issue.

The consultant also understands the overall situation of business in Indonesia including all of the things in it. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that there are no other individuals to cover this particular matter better than the intellectual property consultant.

Do not postpone any further registration of your trademark in Indonesia with our service. We managed to bring numerous foreign trademark registrations in Indonesia to the desired approval.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any necessary assistance concerning your trademark registration Indonesia. We will help your trademark have a better chance of being accepted for trademark registration Indonesia. Please email us at cs@patendo.com

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